Happy Veterans Day Quotes 2016

  1. Maintenance of peace across borders costs more than all the wars put together.

  2. Veteran is an asset to our nation wherever he goes.

  3. Veterans don’t fight for their safety, rather for national pride.

  4. You can’t judge a veteran’s actions during wartime as right or wrong.

  5. Veterans defend innocent civilians, sometimes their action becomes offensive.

  6. Veterans fighting on foreign frontiers have no friends or foes.

  7. Veteran’s day is a symbolic representation of the respect they deserve every day.

  8. Veterans stay far away from their families, protecting millions of other families.

  9. Veterans’ benefits are the tributes we owe them since many years.

  10. Veterans’ responsibility starts from the point of risk to civilian lives.

  11. Social security of veterans is a debt owed by every responsible civilian.

  12. Veterans cultivate their will to win no matter how hard the battle is.

  13. When civilians salute the national flag, they don’t forget the veterans who keep the stars united.

  14. The pride of our national flag is directly proportional to the height of our veterans’ sacrifices.

  15. Our veterans know not what defeat is, they only know valour and wisdom.

  16. The spark to fight terror is alive forever in every veteran’s heart.

  17. Veteran’s loyalty to the nation is beyond any logical boundary.

  18. Veterans fight to save lives; messengers of terror get killed accidentally.

  19. Veterans have the will of steel and a heart made of gold.

  20. Veterans fighting on foreign fronts deserve more than just thanks and tributes.

  21. Veterans Day is a wakeup call to the soldier in every civilian heart.

  22. Bullets don’t deter the veterans from fighting. They make them strong willed.

  23. Veterans have deadlines to meet on warfronts also!

  24. Veterans know only when they wake up dawn, dusk they know not.

  25. Love for nation outweighs a veteran’s love for everything else.

  26. Veterans’ mind works dynamically on many frontiers in parallel.

  27. Veterans fighting terror have valour as their lone shield.

  28. Guns and missiles are only symbolic, real shield for a veteran is his courage.

  29. Battles are won and lost, veterans aim to win wars.

  30. Every veteran wears a turban made of red, white and blue.

  31. The life of veterans is as valuable as the stars in our flag.

  32. Veterans keep their sacred promise to the nation no matter how tough the war is.

  33. End of a war is often the beginning another for veterans.

  34. The will to keep fighting differentiates veterans from ordinary men.

  35. Memorials are for the next generation to remember veterans’ love for the nation.

  36. Gratitude paid to veterans is the fundamental responsibility of every civilian.

  37. Governments may come and go, veterans’ honour stays forever.

  38. Healthcare for veterans is an investment and not an expense.

  39. Veterans go long way to safeguard the nation. How long can civilians go to care for veterans’ health

  40. Only a veteran lives twice, in and off the battlefield.

  41. Healing Veteran’s wounds takes more than skin deep measures.

  42. Veterans’ blood is a mix of red, white and blue.

  43. Veterans’ selfless action keeps the civilians safe.

  44. Veterans fight for justice, dignity and honour of the nation.

  45. Every war scar on veteran’s face is a land mark of achievement.

  46. Bravery is not an ornament worn by veterans; they carry it in their hearts.

  47. The only tool to save a veteran from guilt is the willingness to surrender to his higher power will.

  48. There seems to be a strange gap between military and civilian life, small enough to see but tougher to bridge.

  49. Veterans’ health care is not a favour; rather it is the foundation of our national security.

  50. Veterans don’t die in battlefields, they get martyred.

50 Inspiring Veteran Quotes for Veteran’s day!