Different Camp Types for the Evening Desert Safari

In order to maximize your experience in your night safari trip, you should ensure that you will be booking the most suitable safari package for you. Else, you will only waste your time and money in a low quality desert safari trip. There are many considerations that you should take into account in order to choose a good desert safari package. Such considerations include the price packages, the camp sizes, activities offered, and a lot more. From among these many considerations, included in the most important ones is the camp size.

There are different camp sizes available for different safari packages. The size of the camp says a lot about the kinds of activities and provisions you will be able to enjoy within it. Thus, before choosing a safari tour package, you should first understand the different camp sizes available so that you will be able to choose the most suitable one for you.

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Shared Camp

The shared camp is the smallest type of camp offered in all kinds of desert safari packages. It is also the cheapest one. This type of camp is the to go camp for people who are on a tight budget but still want to experience a desert safari tour. Just like its name, all facilities and activities in a shared camp are shared by all the people in it. For instance, the hygienic facilities like the comfort rooms are shared by the campers.

Large Camp (Private)

A large private camp can accommodate around five hundred to six hundred people all at the same time. The cost for a large private camp in an evening desert safari is not that expensive compared to the more conservative types of camps. This type of camp is most suitable to people who only have a considerable amount of budget for their desert safari trip. In addition, this type of camp is also perfect for people who want to have lots of social interaction with other people.

Small Camp (Private)

A small private camp is a somewhat more expensive type of camp. It can accommodate only up to a hundred people all at the same time. This type of camp is perfect for people who want to enjoy their safari trip in a more relaxing, calm, peaceful, and intimate way. The level of service offered is high since only a tantamount of people are being served.

Luxury Private Camp

The most expensive type of camp for a desert safari Dubai is the luxury private camp. Here, you can enjoy high quality desert safari services. You will also be able to enjoy the facilities on your own like the hygienic facilities and the entertainment shows provided.