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Blackhead is regarded as the symptom of a pimple or acne. It is generally a skin condition where skin pores get blocked due to one or the other reason. Skin pores comprise of hair follicles as well as sebaceous glands that secrete sebum. Sebum is an oily substance that can be seen on face skin usually. It keeps your skin supple moreover hydrated. In case it is overproduced, the pores get plugged with it. This condition results in comedones. You may also call it black-head. It is open to air furthermore plug becomes black in color as sebum gets oxidized.

Real cause for blackheads-

  • Due to hormonal change while puberty, an individual can suffer from this problem. Hormones secret excess oil inside pores. This acts as a barrier in preventing its free flowing to the surface. Such oil gets accumulated over time and mixes with dead skin cells. Such combination when exposed to natural air, gets eventually oxidize and thus turning into black.

Some people often wonder about effective home remedies for blackheads. You have to become little conscious about your skin type and perform some of the most easiest and quick relief measures while sitting at your homes. Especially during teenager & adolescent years, an individual faces this problem.

 home remedies for blackheads

Top 10 home remedies for blackhead removal are-

  1. Use of baking soda- this ingredient may be easily available in your homes. It is a successful treatment against blackheads and even against acne problems. Skin impurities like dirt & are washed away easily.
  2. Cinnamon- you can apply the cinnamon paste in a face pack. It has anti-bacterial and deep cleansing property. It removes blackhead swiftly on regular use.
  3. Natural honey- it is good for oily skin as well as for blackheads removal. It can hydrate plus tightens pores of skin thus offering you a clean & clear complexion.
  4. Tea oil or green tea- in order to unclog pores you can try out face pack containing green tea or essentials of tea oil.
  5. Lemon juice- applies directly to affected area or mix in herbal face pack for more enhanced and better results. Vitamins & other nutrients present in it are very effective treatment against skin problems.
  6. Yogurt and oatmeal- the perfect combination of these two ingredients will make you blackheads free. It can be applied repeatedly for great looking skin.
  7. Epsom salt- mixes it well in hot water. Allow the water to cool down at room temperature. Use a cotton ball to apply this water on face. After drying this pack an individual can wipe it off with a wet cloth.
  8. Fenugreek leaves- by preparing and applying a thick paste of fenugreek leaves you can fight against the problem of blackhead efficiently. It also removes dirt and oil from the skin.
  9. Turmeric- this ingredient has an anti-bacterial property which eliminates acne along with blackheads in most herbal or natural way.
  10. Cornmeal- home remedies for blackheads also includes cornmeal. It acts like abrasive while cleaning blocked pores and dirt from skin.  Top ten home remedies can be tried by male and females both.