Why and What tricks to Teach your Dog ?

why and what tricks to teach your dog

There are always some basics thing that an owner of dog should care about, I give a damn shit to this thing that, one should always work on dogs foods, their health, their diet, their grooming, their behavior and the most important not above them all but an essential factor to reconsider. It help you to make your pooch, a good buddy, you can control on their bad habits. You can teach not only obeisance tricks but also teach him to behave well, to play, to help you.

Imagine, you don’t know your guests, or it can be more awful if your office’s boss come to your house on a visit or to meet you and saw your dog pee near the mat, sofas are full of dirt and hairs, toys are being chewed, in short all things are just messed up, how it would make you to think? You will be feeling confused at such situation, you will go into the flash back that I should teach my dogs before this incident come to existence, but trust me it will late to go into the past, you have time right now, waiting for what? Don’t you know? Don’t you have a guide? Oh, come on, Let me help you out with all things coming to your mind because I opposed you to something that you won’t like to be happened with you ever.

How to teach your dog tricks?

If someone said to you or say in coming days that it is really hard to train a dog with training tricks then that’s not true. It’s not like a rocket science which is difficult to understand and learn. It may be a hard task to you and you could face problems as well but trust me it will only happen when you start teaching your buddy only for the first time, but as you start, practice by days and days, give proper time to learn first, understand well and then go for implementation then there is nothing to worry about, you will do all like a charm and you will start feeling that you are damn professional trainer. So, all you need to know is how to train your dog tricks but what to start with might a difficult thing for you, let me make it easy for you.

What to Teach?

Following are some tricks that I am mentioning you can go through that but it is hard to provide you every detail of every tricks mentioned in the list below , so at the end I am providing you few links, please go and read them too, hope it will help you out.

  • How to Sit?
  • How to stay when said?
  • How to Heel along with you
  • How to Shake Hands or Paws and do a high five?
  • How to come when you order?
  • How to fetch a ball, book or anything you want him to?
  • How to Roll Over on floor?
  • How to Play Dead?
  • How Leave or drop it?
  • How to stop dog from barking and teaching command Not to Bark?
  • How to jump?
  • How to pee and poop outside the rooms or house
  • Stop them to bite by teaching him the command of Not to Bite
  • Stop your dog from digging holes in the garden
  • How to crate train them?
  • How to leash train?