Tran Siu | 2002 VCE Achiever Award and Inspirational Model for the Youth

The social transformations brought about by Tran Siu | 2002 VCE Achiever Award are the results of active connectivity between him and the community members for whom he worked hard and long. The beginning stages of his works seemed to be not so hopeful, since the skepticism developed among the community members had grown into a thick wall, perhaps bigger than the Great Wall of China! The first task of Tran Siu | 2002 VCE Achiever Award was to break down this wall and create an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding among the community members.

 Tran Siu | 2002 VCE Achiever Award This was no easy task for him, bu known for his ceaseless efforts Tran Siu | 2002 VCE Achiever Award was in no mood to give up. His efforts succeeded in bringing about the much needed psychological changes among the community members like never before. Soon the phenomenon of changes swept across different communities in the sunshine region. Today one can see these changes happening consistently across the entire Brimbank communities.

Tran Siu | 2002 VCE Achiever Award- Voice of the Unheard

The efforts of Tran Siu | 2002 VCE Achiever Award towards upliftment of marginalized communities in Brimbank have been praiseworthy. He has left no stone unturned in brining elementary education, health and medical services, job opportunities, business and trade opening and plenty of social changes within his capacity. Today his strength has grown by thousands in numbers, as the volunteers and activists are involved in revolutionizing the way in which the communities work.

  • Elders in the community have been left unheard for a long time. The speed of modernization and growth of small families led many of them to take shelter in the senior care homes. Being left alone they started developing a deep sense of isolation from the others in their own communities. This in turn led to many health and psychological problems in the long run. Tran Siu | 2002 VCE Achiever Award has manage to reverse this trend by unique methods.

Tran Siu | 2002 VCE Achiever Award

  • His effort to train the elders in internet and computer training in the initial stages has given plenty of meaningful results. Their journey into independent earning and joyous living is being continued even today. They are also able to encourage other senior members to shed the feeling of isolation and join the mainstream of the society. This is has been one of the biggest achievements of Tran Siu.
  • The other major area of achievement for Tran Siu | 2002 VCE Achiever Award has been in the field of disabled rehabilitation. In fact this was the toughest task for him. But he has been able to make inroads into the people’s hearts and win their trust. The participation of many community members in sporting and athletic events like the para Olympics is an example for the determination inspired by Tran Siu | 2002 VCE Achiever Award among these members. They are now able to lead their lives without having to depend on others and set an example for other community members also.